For Health's Sake, Push Back! Exercising your Body is Crucial to Living a Great Bucket Life!

Everyday there are forces working against your body.  Softening it.  Weakening it.


Push BACK against these forces that work constantly to tear you down physically.

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Push back Everyday!

     Everyday you don’t, you lose a little muscle, a little balance, a little endurance, a little flexibility.

     Everyday you don’t, you gain a little more pain in your knees, a little more fat in your butt/belly, a little more weakness throughout your body, a little more ‘give up’ in your soul.

So Push Back!

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Do something fun with your body everyday.  It doesn’t have to be intense all the time, in fact it shouldn’t be intense all the time.  Just sometimes.  To test your body and YOURSELF!

Once or twice a week is fine right now.  Push it hard.  Blood pumpin’!  Sweat!!!  The whole deal! 

Here are some of my favorite outdoor workout ideas from a hero of mine, Tim Ferriss.

The other days, treat your body to some yoga

     or a long walk/bike ride in the park.

     or laser tag.

     or something … ANYTHING that pushes back!


On the days you don’t push back, the world will decay you a little more.  The Stressful World, the Non-Ergo-Dynamically designed World and literally the gravity of the World are all pushing to make your body worse, everyday.

You can take it, or you can Push Back!

Get a little stronger today.  Get a little more flexible today.  Get a little more balance today.

Be grateful for having a body that can still move!  And Move It!!!


Take one step everyday.  One step, Pushing Back!

-Greyson Hawe

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What is your favorite way to Push Back?  Tell me below!