Choose Yourself First: You Deserve to Live a Healthy Bucket Life

People often say they 'deserve' a snack.

They ‘deserve’ to eat dessert.

They ‘deserve’ to treat themselves horribly.


Rarely do they say, ‘I deserve to be healthy.’

‘I deserve to look better in the mirror.’

‘I deserve to be happier with my body.’

deserve to be happy in your bucket list life_2.jpg

But you do!

You do deserve a chance to feel great about yourself!

You do deserve a chance to be proud of your body!

Wild Dancer_2.jpg

Every time you choose healthy food over crap,

you get stronger inside and out.

It'll fill you with pride and power.

And the more power in you, the more you can help yourself and others.

Every time you choose yourself over sugar and wheat …

You chose a Better Future.

(Besides, sugar and wheat suck.  They're terrible friends)

Are you strong enough to delay that sweet tooth now for feeling great in the future?

You should, you deserve it!

-Greyson Hawe

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What bad snack habit are you willing to make healthier?  Tell me below!