Failure does NOT Mean Stop! Successfully Living Your Bucket Life May Take A Few Attempts

So you failed...

Awesome.  What did you learn?

dont let failure stop your bucket list life_2.jpg

So you failed...

Good for you.

You're stronger and better now.

So you failed...

Why are you stopping?


When it comes to living your dreams...

Failure doesn't mean stop.

It means you're pushing the edge.

Pushing your comfort zone.

Pushing back!

Jordan Ive missed more than 9000 bucket list_2.jpg

I can't wait to see your next attempt!

You'll focus more on living your bucket life.
You'll control your self-destruction.
You'll go Further, Faster.

You may be beaten …

knocked down but not out_2.jpg

But you're NOT Broken!

You have muscles to fight back.

And they're stronger now.

So you failed, so what?

You know who else failed when chasing their dreams?

Every great person Ever!

famous-failures-who-succeeded living their bucket list life_2.jpg

Then why are they considered Great and Not Failures?

Because they didn't let failure stop them!

dont quit living your bucket list life_2.jpg

Failure = Experience = Success

failure-to-failure-winston-churchill-picture-quote-bucket list quote_2.jpg

You're stronger now.

So pick yourself up.

Dust yourself off.

And get back in there!

-Greyson Hawe

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