A Bucket List of 10 is a Bucket List of NONE

We only have so much time.

We only have so much energy.

Don’t waste yours on small dreams.

What ONE Awesome Great thing do you want to be known for?


How do YOU want to be remembered?

If God forbid, this is your last year, how would you plan it differently?
Would you run around and flit away your time and energy on lower bucket list items?

Or would you focus your remaining time on your number 1 dream?

number one dream_2.jpg

Watering ten plants for one day produces less fruit

Than one plant watered for ten days.

Think of it like this ...

If you threw ten eggs in the air and tried to catch them all with one hand.  I'm quite sure, at most, only one egg would survive.

Hopefully that egg is Number 1,

'Travel to the Great Wall of China'

and not egg Number 7.

'See Madonna in Concert'

We're talking Legacy, folks!!!

Time to up your game, time to challenge yourself!

Don't let it be 'Lose 10 pounds.'

Let it be 'Run a 10K.'

crossing FinishLine_2.jpg

Don't let it be 'Win yard of the Month.'

Let it be 'Help Build a Neighborhood Park.'

park dedication_2.jpg

To be clear, I'm not judging ANYONE'S bucket list.

What I'm saying is...

Treat your time likes it's PRECIOUS,

Because it is!!!

Focus on your highest of highest goals FIRST!

How do you want to go out?

With many dreams half done

or 1 Great Dream fulfilled?


Focus EVERYTHING on ONE dream.

Your biggest one!

The one you hold closest to your heart

and see how far it takes you.

Remember, “A Bucket List of 10 is a Bucket List of None. A Bucket List of 1 is a Bucket List that can be Done.”

bucket list dream complete2.jpg

Once you accomplish that one great thing ...

And you bask in the amazing feeling of doing the number one thing you always wanted to do ...

Then, you have the whooooooole world to choose from.  The new One Thing on your bucket list will bring a whole New Chapter to your life.

woman-in-high-altitude living her bucket list life2.jpg

Nowwwwww, you're living your Bucket Life!

So Go!

Go Dream!

Dream Big!!!

And then,

Go after your biggest dream FIRST!

-Greyson Hawe

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