Be a Samurai, NOT a Rice Picker! RISE UP to Your Bucket Life!

The Powers in Charge need ‘C’ students.

Lots of them.

They have a lot of factories to fill.

factory workers not living their bucket list life_2b.jpg

They need more workers, not more Leaders.

A lot of rice needs picking.

rice pickers_2b.jpg

They need rice pickers, not Samurai.

They have a lot of cleaning to be done.

They need maids, not Architects.

architect woman living her bucket list life_2.jpg

THEY have no need for your awesomeness.

But YOU 





To Live your Bucket Life.


The WORLD needs your Awesomeness!

Share your gifts with the World.

You have a lot to offer!

Act on your Awesomeness right now!

flex awesomeness muscle_2.jpg

Take one Step today!

Do something for someone else.  NOW!!!

And make one new Healthier choice today.

Let’s practice making better choices.

Let’s flex that Awesomeness muscle.

One step at a time will get you to your True You.

Break free of the Matrix! 

Don’t let them brainwash you into complacency.

Don’t let them convince you that you can’t live a great life.

The Powers in Charge don’t want you to follow your dreams.  So don’t worry about them ...

Find that Element that makes your life extraordinary and wrap your life around it.

Do what makes you super happy!

Do it for us!  We want to see the True You.

We want to be inspired by you!

We want to see you FLY!!!!!!!!

fly to your bucket list life_2.jpg

Don't be a rice picker ...

female-samurai bucket list_2.jpg

Be a Samurai!

-Greyson Hawe

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