Cocooning: Prepping for your Bucket Life

Sometimes we’re not ready.

Sometimes we aren’t done cooking.

Sometimes we need time to work on ourselves.

Are you ‘in-between’ phases in your life?

Are you moving away from your old life, but still have many steps to get to your next chapter?

Have you recently broken up with someone?

Are you in the middle of a Get Healthy phase?

Has a long-time job just ended?

If so, take some time for YOU! 

human cocooning into her bucket list life_2.jpg

Companionship, Striving, Stretching

are all great.

But they all take TIME!

     And ENERGY!!!

Sometimes we just need to be alone with ourselves for a while.

It’s scary.

You’ve lost a good bit of your reality.

Of what defined YOU as YOU.

And you’re scrambling for validation.

feeling-lost on path to bucket list life_2.jpg

It can be reeeaaaal scary if you let it.

alone on your bucket list life path_2.jpg

BUT have faith in Yourself.

Give yourself the Gift of Time.

You’ll come out the other side with wings.


Give yourself some time to soak into YOU.

Long periods of Music and Silence

will help you find your New DESTINY.

Long hours of TV

Will NOT.

Go on long walks.

They're GREAT for clearing your mind.

A little ... walking meditation, if you will.

walking alone on your path to bucket list life_2.jpg
caterpillar cocooning away for his bucket list life to begin_2.jpg
Not all those who wander ARE LOST
— J. R. R. Tolkien

Choose this time to Get Healthier.

Choose this time to infuse More Happiness into your life.

Choose this time to Discover your Calling.

Be willing to cocoon up for awhile in order to become a butterfly

and leave your Caterpillar-Self behind.

winged woman_2.jpg

Now go work on yourSELF!

-Greyson Hawe

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