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Your One Thing

We have so many distractions in our lives

So many chances to be knocked off our Path

Spreading ourselves thinner, working on many dreams at once

There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to HONOR YOUR CALLING. It’s why you were born. And how you become Most Truly Alive!
— Oprah

Only increases the chance of NONE of them EVER getting done

Find your biggest Passion!

Find your highest Purpose!

Find the reason you were put on this Earth ...

And Focus your Life around that ONE THING!


Dr. John Kitchin found his True You! 

Watch as he transforms his life and finds happiness!

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Want to Enjoy your Job More?!!! ... Go After the TOP Thing on your Bucket List!

I know how you're feeling … 

Looking around your office

Looking at your typical day, your typical work week

Feeling like … you're meant for sooooo much more than this!!!

Find Your Life's Purpose and Goal:  Start Living Toward your Bucket Life Bliss

I know that feeling

That feeling like you're meant for something more

That feeling of Denying your Greatness

That feeling like you're Going to Explode if you don't start doing something important with your life

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Refresh your Love of...?  Your Past may Show you the Path to your Bucket Life

There was once a child with your name and your Very SAME DREAMS.  Somewhere along the way that child lost the things it loved

Getting Dirty, Silliness, Outrageous Passion!

Focus your Life on the True You!

A bucket list of 10 is a bucket list of NONE!

Dream Bigger!  A Bucket Life is Only Offered to the Bold

What would you dream, if you had no constraints?

No fear of the opinions of others

No chains to hold your dreams down

Challenge yourself to dream big!

Keep exploring!  

Here are some more Ways to Find and Live Your One Thing ...

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