When you FAIL Yourself, PUNISH yourself!!! Positive Punishing can help you Live your Bucket Life

Sometimes we break promises to ourselves ...

We don't get to the gym as planned.

We don't clean the garage.

We don’t look for a new job.


I say that’s Unacceptable!

I say that something must be done!

I say, ... you must be PUNISHED!

Punish Yourself with Greatness!

Use this failure to Better Yourself.

To Get Healthier.

To Heal your Soul.

Punish yourself with Pushups.

Punish yourself with No TV.

Punish yourself with a Long Walk.

Punish yourself with a No Sugar.

Punish yourself with Calling an Old Friend/Family member.

Punish yourself with Making a Big Healthy Stew for the Week.


Find the thing that you've been putting off doing, BUT You Know will have a Big Positive effect on your life, ...

DO THAT for Punishment!

-Greyson Hawe

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