What can YOU Get DONE in the next 3 months?

Are you ready Bucket Lifers?!  

You can do something amazing in the next 3 months!

There's so much evidence that focusing everything on Only One Thing is the greatest secret to success.  This incredibly inspiring video is one of my go-tos when I need to refocus on living my bucket list. (Nightingale. Focus on one thing.)

Let's identify our One Thing and attack our number one dream for three months.  Let’s see how far we can get!  I'll do it with you!

Just COMMIT to go FULL Samurai on it!

Let's use part of the 333 Compass to define the course of our lives over the next few months

If you only had 3 months to live …

What one thing would you do to live healthier?

What one thing would you do to be happier?

What one thing would you create?

What one adventure would you go on? 

(Stop and answer those quick questions.  I'll put my answers below, but no peeking until you're finished with yours.)

For the next 3 months, Live like a BADASS on a BADASS Mission!  

A mission to live your Bucket List (like a Badass!)

You have 3 MONTHS!  That’s a HUGE amount of time!

Now go do something with it!

-Greyson Hawe

Thanks for reading!  If it worked for you, please Share it on!  No go be  badass!)  

OK, here are my answers ...

What one thing would you do to live healthier?

Lose the rest of my belly fat so I can do next level yoga moves!

What one thing would you do to be happier?

Be incredibly grateful for my life and my kids.  That always makes me happy!

What one thing would you create?

A simpler home!  I'm so done with excess and clutter.  Let's call it what it is.  Crap.  I'd say half of what I have in my house, I haven't even looked at in years.  Over the next few months, I'm getting rid of as much as I can.

What one adventure would you go on? 

I started last weekend.  I'm taking 3 intensive yoga workshops over the next couple of months from the incredible Marizol Cabrera.  She is schooling us on some serious next level yoga poses. (Side Crow to a handstand back to side Crow on the other side.  Yikes!)

This first class I couldn't do any of the inversions.   But I have great homework and 2 weeks before the next class.  Then I'll have 6 weeks before the final 2 1/2 hour insanity.  

So I'm stretching all the time, going upside at least twice a day, and eating like a champ.  My whole life has changed because of this One Thing.  Now that's a wonderful Adventure and Goal.

OK, Now You!!!

Tell me your answers below!