Live your Bucket Life like a Samurai! Practice being GREAT at the small things

Practice being great at the small things, not because you want to be great at the small things, but because you're in training to be great at the BIG things!

In times of stress, we fall to one side or the other ...

We either respond with POWER by drawing on our experience and trusting our instinct.


We respond with weakness borne of unfamiliarity and doubt.

Which way we fall, depends greatly on the training we put ourselves through in our daily lives.


(Secret: This challenge you're adding to your life is a critical component to achieving Flow.  And Flow leads to a better, happier life.)

So in times of peace, we need to train ourselves.  In order to stay sharp for the tough times, we need to make our daily life More Challenging!


We need to live like a Samurai!

We need to increase intensity, precision, and efficiency in our daily lives.

Samurai practiced being great at the small things.  They believed the small things ARE the BIG things.  They believed in moving through their world gracefully and with full intention.

No wasted Energy.

No wasted Time.

No wasted Movement.

Preparing and drinking tea was high art.  Getting dressed, polishing their weapons, setting each rock in a rock garden.  They were all considered highly important.

Practice moving through your world with maximum effectiveness and full intention.

Do the dishes like it matters.  Quickly, efficiently and still do a great job.

See if you can make a great sandwich with the fewest body movements.

Mow the lawn with the smallest amount of overlapping mow lines as possible.

Practice holding your breath.  You never know when that super power will come in handy!

Try to do one thing a day with heightened challenge!  You'll love the feeling.  You're increasing Flow in your life and that’s always a Good Thing!

Now, go live ...

Like A Samurai!

-Greyson Hawe

You read all the way to here?!! You rock!  If you’ve come this far, I would love to know of a Samurai moment in your daily life.  Please tell me below!


greyson hawe