The FIRST Shot of Sugar is the WORST for you! Your Health Bucket List doesn't have Sugar as an ingredient

The first hole in the balloon is the one that will kill it
The first leak in the boat is the one that will take it down

Further damage may follow, but the first blow is usually the most important to avoid

Living your Health Bucket List is very much the same. Repeated every day

You're strongest in the morning, but watch out, the world is waiting to weaken you

Waiting to poke a hole in your balloon

Waiting to poke a hole in your boat

But you have a secret friend waiting to help you. A muscle called Resistance

Now stay with me!

Muscles grow after they've been stressed.  The more stress, the stronger the muscle will become

Just like will power, Resistance is a muscle

And you can strengthen your Resistance muscle!

Exercise it!!!

Practice refusing garbage into your body

(Practice refusing garbage into your life!)

Each time you refuse, you're building more muscle for tomorrow

More strength to say NO

More strength to eat what your body needs,

Not what your mouth wants!

More Strength to become your True You!


Thanks for reading!!!

If you have an inspiring story about the power of Refusal, please tell me about it below!



greyson hawe