Setting a Great Goal can take some sweet time

Doing a load of laundry is pretty straight forward...

Gather the clothes.

Sort them.

Place them in the washer.

Wash them.

Dry them.

Hang them up.

But here's a secret, ... Even though it only takes about 30 minutes of actual work to do a load of laundry,

You can't do it in 30 minutes.

The steps take time.  The same is true when Living your Bucket Life. You can only rush the steps so much.

Even if the One Thing on my bucket list is 'Travel to Asia', I still have many small steps to complete.

Where should my travels begin, When, and with Whom?  

What's my travel route?  

What are the Must Sees, the Bucket List Destinations along the way?

Where should I stay?

Do I have any friends I can see along the way?  

How should I prepare my body?

Always include a goal from your Health Bucket List.

What can I learn to make this journey all the sweeter?

Always learn something new for each One Thing you accomplish.

Those are a lot of questions to answer!  And they'll take Some Time to answer.

If pressed, you could answer all these questions in a half an hour.

BUT why would you Want to?!  

Enjoy this part of your adventure!  Planning your journey can be one of the best parts of the whole experience!

And since the Steps take time between them, you need to start the process Now!  

Here's the Best Part! It may take years until your number one dream comes true, so you don't have to make all of the commitments Today. You just have to Start the First One! Just get the ball rolling. Right now!

Stop reading this!

Take One Step to make your Number 1 Dream come true!


-Greyson Hawe

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greyson hawe