ALERT: Your Tongue has been Hijacked! Embrace your Health Bucket List and reclaim Yourself TODAY!

Billions of dollars every year are spent to convince you that you can eat tasty, cheap food and remain healthy. So you eat salty, sweet crap loaded with nasty chemicals all the time and wonder why you've gained so much weight and feel bad most days

You blame your weight on your age, "Its just harder to lose weight as you get older"

And you ask your doctor for more pills to make the pain go away

When you think of snacking on a carrot, you think ,"Ugg"
BUT once your tongue gets a break from the constant sugar and salt bombardment, you'll be able to start TASTING again!

When a vegetarian thinks about snacking on a delicious, fresh, sweet carrot, they think, ‘Mmmmmm!'

Don't be a sucker.  Don't believe the lies that the TV is feeding you.  Don't eat garbage just because it's cheap and tastes good.  Don't be a FOOL.  Advertisers are not employed to tell you the truth or make you healthier. They're paid to tell you whatever will make you buy More!  PERIOD!!!

Fact is, … You can't eat crap and live a Healthy Bucket Life

Choose Yourself!  Trust what you know to be true.  Eat fresh food that you've prepared yourself and Your Health will Sky Rocket!  

When you're overweight, feeling lousy most of time, with high blood pressure and Diabetes waiting for you around the corner, don't look to your doctor to give you another pill.  Don't be that stupid

Exercise is great, but what you eat determines your fate Waaaaay More Than Anything Else.  Don't eat chemicals that you can't pronounce.  They’re not included to help you.  Most of those chemicals shouldn't be ingested by ANY human, certainly not someone as Special As You.  You’re better and smarter than that.  They weren't created to help you, they were created to keep awful food on the shelf as long as possible

Solve your own problems.  FIX your own health!

Reclaim the taste buds in your tongue and you'll Reclaim Your Health!


Trust in yourself!  If you have a story where you fought off the advertisers and choose yourself instead, please tell me below!

greyson hawe