R & R ... & R: 5 Yummy ways to Rest, Relax and RESTORE yourself to live your best Bucket Life!

We look to vacations for a little R & R.  A little of that good old Rest and Relaxation.  But we forget the third R, Restore!

We need to Restore Our Energy.

Restore Our Focus.

Restore Our Commitment.

Wandering off path doesn’t make you weak or bad, it makes you normal.

We just need to focus on ourselves more and restore our batteries.

Take time today to restore yourself!

Here are 5 Awesome Ways to Restore Yourself.

1. Embrace the things you're grateful for.

Embracing gratitude reminds us of what's important and what makes us happy.  And that always puts me in a great mood!

2. Eat some food your body needs, not what your mouth wants.

Eat some yumminess that will thrill your body today.  Restoring with Veg and fruit is always a smart path.

3. Reach out to an old friend, connect!

Connection is so important to living your Bucket List Life.  Our journey is our own, but we always need others along the way.  Stay in touch with those important to you.

4. Move your body.

Walking, running, yoga.  Anything is better than sitting.

5. Calm you mind.

Embrace the 3 S’s.  Stillness, Silence and Solitude.  Find a few minutes each day and take your mind to the You Spa!

So start with those nuggets and keep a lookout for other ways to restore yourself (playing your favorite song, soaking in some of your favorite quotes, warm bath etc.)

When you have time for a little R & R that’s always a good time for a some R also!

-Greyson Hawe

Do you know anyone who could use a little Restoring?!  Please SHARE!  Thanks so much!

What's your favorite way to Restore yourself?  Please tell me below ...