Be What you Eat! It's hard to live your Bucket Life WHEN you're Unhealthy

You ARE what you eat, ... so DON'T be





or Fake!


Please do me a favor and reread that for me.

Now seriously, do you want to be …


Fast food is a killer.  Have more respect for yourself.  You deserve better than mystery meat smothered in sugar sauce.

Enjoy the preparation of your food!  You're creating edible art!  Treat it as such.  My crock pot is my new best friend in the kitchen.  Go to sleep or work, and 8 hours later, a delicious inexpensive meat is suddenly amazing!

Don’t be Fast.  Don't eat Fast.


Don't fall for this trap.  Easier is not better.  Certainly not healthier.  Easy is for the weak and the distracted.  Stay connected to your Bucket List Life!  Be smarter than the advertisers trying to fool you.  They don't like you, respect you or care for you.  They're just trying to sell to you.

Don’t be Easy.  Don't eat Easy.


One day a week, I eat crappy.  But that’s it.  ONE DAY a WEEK.

If you can control yourself for 6 days, on the 7th day your body will need to restore it’s glycogen stores (energy reserves) plus it will need the random vitamins and minerals you’ve been depriving it.  So GO CRAZY!

But when you wake up the next morning (feeling crappy), remember why, and go back to healthy.

Don't be Crappy.  Don't eat Crappy.


You're worth more than the lowest bidder.  The big food companies have figured out how to fool you.

It tastes Great!


"Cheap and tasty? … I’m in!!!"

Nooooooo, STOP!!!

Don't be easily fooled.  If they don't even bother to mention the nutritional aspects of their food, AAAVVVOOOOID IT!

Invest in yourself!

Don't be Cheap.  Don't eat Cheap.

Or Fake.

You're so precious!  The fact that you can read these words is crazy!  The odds of our existence are so ridiculously against us AND YET here you are!  Embrace your True You!  You are unique and amazing!!!  Choose foods that reflects your amazingness!

Don't be Fake.  Don't eat Fake.

Treasure yourself like the treasure you are!

-Greyson Hawe

Did that make sense?  If so, please pass it on!  The ball is now in your court.  Whether you keep it to yourself or share with someone who could use it, I hope these words helped

What bad food habit are you ready to change?  Tell me below!  THX!!!

greyson hawe