Seek PEACE with your Body! You can't Live your Bucket Life at the EXPENSE of your Health

Right now there’s a war going on between YOU

and your body.

You eat crap expecting your body to suffer for it and to Quite Literally carry the weight.

To fight back, your body gives out at the weirdest, most unfortunate times ...

A sneeze can knock your back out for weeks.

A slight twist from a small pebble in the road and your knee is hating you for a month.

Stretching out to grab something falling to the floor and it re-aggravates your recurring injury.

How do I know?  I've been there … and it sucks.

Seek peace with your body!

You know what it wants.

It wants water.

It wants LESS chemicals.

It wants to be refreshed, not jacked up on fake energy.

By more movement and less sitting.

By more stretching and less sitting.

By more standing and less sitting.


So put down the crappy food, drink some water and stand up for your body.

Seek peace with your body and start loving each other again!

-Greyson Hawe

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