Let this be YOUR Year: Give Yourself the Gift of your own very Bucket Life

Let this year be your year.

Commit to a big change!

One that you’ll work on for a year.

One that will change your life.

One that will get you closer to your bucket list life.

The one that you’ve been dreaming of.


Let this be the time that you keep your focus on your goals.

The time that a stumble in the road …

**(A FAILURE!!!)**

Doesn’t defeat you!

Let this be the time that you impress even yourself

By your determination, your grit, your YOU!

Let this be the time

that you’ll always remember

as the time

Your Life Changed.

A time of work, A time of growth, A time of personal transformation.

A time to become the True You.

Big-Change-butterfly bucket list life.jpg

Let this be the start of something great.

Let THIS MOMENT be the starting point.

The moment in your life





Better and Better!

not quitting my bucket list life.jpg

Let this be the moment that you declare that Your Life is Not Over.

And you’re not going out quietly!

-Greyson Hawe

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What BIG CHANGE are you willing to take on this year?  Tell me below!