Having a Crappy Day? Make it Worth it!

If things go wrong, make it worth it.

Worth your time.

Worth your energy.

Worth your life!

If things suddenly go crappy ...

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off AGAINST the wind, Not With It!
— Henry Ford

Make it worth it.

If your expectations are suddenly blown ...

Make it worth it!


Your bucket list life will NOT be without surprises.

Moaning and crying about your situation helps abouuuuuuuuuut NONE of the time.

If you're looking at the remains of a lost opportunity, raise your head and look higher.

If you can't see the sun, you're not looking high enough.

Some people love electronica music, some hate it.  For the lovers, here is one of my favorites.  Like the song says, ... The Sun is Shining EveryDay.

Life loves throwing surprises at us.

Some good, some bad.

When a bad surprise comes, recognize it as an opportunity to take a CHANCE And become more Awesome!

Do something good for you!  Not self-destructive (Put that ice cream down!).  Not cleaning!

Something GOOD for YOU.

What ONE Step can you take today to Get Healthier or Be Happier?

Tell yourself, “As long as I do 'X' today, I will still look at today as a success”.

You don't have days to waste, so if this day isn't what you expected, change your expectations.

Find a way to make this crappy day worth it.

-Greyson Hawe

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So what is your 'Go-To' self-destruction?

(Mine is red wine and ice cream)

And what can you replace that habit with?

(I'm trying yoga and meditation)

Are you brave enough to tell me yours unwanted habits below?