Use the 3 C's to Live your Bucket Life

There are 3 C's that support your Bucket List Life.

3 simple C's that will guide your life.  They give you a road map to a better way of living.

First up, ... it's all about Chances.

Life is presenting us with Chances all day, everyday.

A Chance to smile.

A Chance to make a new friend.

A Chance to improve.

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These Chances are only available ...

To Everyone!

Still, most chances will vanish as fast as they appear.

Bucket Lifers ACT on Chances, quickly and often.


Next up is Choices.

Every Chance comes with many Choices.

The Choice itself, but more importantly ...

The Choice to Act or NOT to Act at ll!

It is our Choice that matters.

And we'll make plenty of wrong Choices.

That's okay!!!

That's still faaaaaaar better than never making a Choice.

And every wrong Choice makes us STRONGER!

Good Choice-Making is a muscle that needs to be exercised.

Think about it ... You don't expect a child to make many great Choices do you?


It's not that they're stupid.  Certainly not.  Unlucky?  No.  Foolish?  Probably a little.

What they lack ... is Experience.  They lack the necessary decision-making muscle.

So, why do YOU expect to make great Choices when you make so few?

Stretch yourself!

Make more Choices that force you to grow!

It is NOT the Critic who counts!

Not the one who points out how the strong person stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.

The credit belongs to the ones who are actually IN THE ARENA, whose faces are marred by DUST and SWEAT and BLOOD; who strive valiantly; who ERR!

Who come up short again and again, because there is no effort WITHOUT error and shortcoming!

Who at the best knows in the end the triumph of High Achievement.

And who at the worst, IF they fail, at least fail while DARING GREATLY!
— inspired by Theodore Roosevelt

In yoga, there is a long standing oral tradition ...

“The pose that is most difficult for you, ... is the one you need the most.”

Our lives are the sum total of the Choices we have made!
— Wayne Dyer

Our whole lives revolve around getting More Comfortable, making life Easier for ourselves.

So Short-Sighted, and a tragic waste of life and time.

Take breaks, relax and rejuvenate, but don't get comfortable.

It is a fool's paradise.

In life, the ones willing to be uncomfortable survive and flourish.

Get Comfortable being UNCOMFORTABLE!!

Make more Daring Choices!

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And finally, after we've made our Choice, how does it Change us?

Even wrong Choices make us better, stronger

... if we let them.

But we must be open to the Change.  Closing yourself off to growth is the deadend most people choose.

Don't be one of them!  

We must absorb the Choice we made.  Digest it.  Right or wrong, we must GROW from it.

We must Change from it.

Otherwise, our experiences become pointless, meaningless.

So don't give up!  

Don't go back to the TV!

No, that's NOT your couch calling to you!

That's your passion, pleading ...

'Don't give up on meeeeeee!'


1. So take a Chance today that makes you uncomfortable.

2. Make a Choice that forces you to grow.

3. And absorb the Change into who you are.

Now, THAT is a great road map to a better life, a map to YOUR bucket list life!

-Greyson Hawe

(Inspired greatly by my amazing Father, Tim Hawe.  He originated the three C's and whose life is a testament to their value)

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Are you facing a Chance, Choice, or Change that has you stalled, confused, unmotivated?  Let's talk about it below!