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Becoming Awesome

Ahhhhhh, AWESOMENESS.  The ultimate Goal of us all

Awesome is that person at the party that you really connected with and made you feel powerful and amazing

Awesome is that person doing things with their body that shake your understanding of your own body to its very core

Awesome is that feeling when we truly help someone with no thought of ourselves

The Bucket List Life definition of Being Awesome is simple ...

To be Awesome, you must:

Everybody, EVERYBODY can always Get Healthier

So DON'T WORRY about where you are Now

We're all working on our own 'Get Healthier' Goal

Let's talk about ways to Get Healthier ... 

Being Happy is the Ultimate Goal of every person on Earth

Or at least it should be!

Let's talk about ways to Be Happier ... 

Both are critical mindsets to living your bucket list life

Both are journeys, NOT destinations

Both are muscles that need to be exercised!

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