What happens when you move TOWARD Love instead of AWAY from Fear?

At our very core, in every decision, we either move

toward Love


away from Fear.

Our basest animal self either runs for it's life...

Or moves toward enticement.

Both have merit.  Both are valuable.  Both will always be your constant companion.

Fear is not bad.  Fear keeps us alive when survival is on the line.


But allowing the course of our life to be dictated by moving away from fears creates many other problems.  Yes, move away from fear when you must, but do it as little as possible.  Rash decisions are a given when operating in panic mode.  And they have repercussions.  When a car is racing towards you and you must jump for your life, you aren't looking at the cactus that's about to break your fall.

On the other hand, moving toward love gives you a direction to follow in times of stress. It is the star that guides you on your life's journey.

Tough fearful decisions are made easier by having a path to follow.

Choose a better, stronger path.  Choose to be brave.  

Brave enough to Choose Love!

-Greyson Hawe


Thanks for being Brave!  thanks for reading this far!  AND Thanks for passing this on if helped you!

greyson hawe