Goal of Bucket Life.

Don't leave your lasting memory to chance.  Your legacy is important and sacred. Choose now the words you want to be remembered by.

Imagine you're gone.
Finish this thought by your closest friends ...  

Now that they’re gone, I miss them because ...

Are you happy with the response?

If not, ...

Start living toward a higher ideal.  Try living toward Nobility, Honor, Gratitude, Love, Service, whatever is most important to you.

The only way to avoid Deathbed regrets is to do the work NOW!

Remember, ...

While you cried, the world smiled at your birth.  Live in a way that at your death, the world will cry while YOU smile.

If you hope they remember your:

Smile, then smile more!

Cooking, then share your cooking talents more!

Friendship, then spend a little more time being a tremendous friend!

We all hope that the way we live our lives will live on in eternity.

What's the Lasting Memory you want to leave behind?

Start living toward that ideal you.  Embrace it.  Breathe it in everyday and breathe out your True You!

Focus on your own Greatness. 

Live toward the Ideal You.

That is the Goal of your Bucket Life.

-Greyson Hawe

I believe in the True You!  Believe in your own ability to make it happen and you will start to transform!  Please SHARE with those you love!!!

In one word, what is the higher Higher Ideal, the True You that you are committing to live toward?  Write it below in the comments so we can discuss and share.

greyson hawe