Success and Failure are 2 sides of the Same Coin: Don't let them stop your Bucket Life Motivation!

Successes and Failures are not finish lines.  They are only transition points. What comes after is just as important.

Following up on a success is hard!

Many new expectations!  New pressure.  Maybe you won't succeed this time.

Following up on a failure is hard! 

Many new fears!  Much to prove.  Surely, you don't want to be kicked in the teeth again.

Both can bring your life to a halt.  Or both can springboard you into awesomeness!

Both kinds of events will contribute to your future success.  

Learn from the experience. Grow from the obstacles you scaled.

And move on!!!

Don't let a success intimidate you from your next adventure.

Don't let a failure intimidate you from your next adventure.

They are different sides of the same coin.

Great forward momentum can come from either.  

And so can stagnation.

In order to live your Bucket Life, you must...

ACTIVELY choose Momentum!

Now go do something amazing for your Bucket Life!

-Greyson Hawe

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