The Secret to Happiness is ...

Wait for it ...

The secret to happiness is ...

Choosing to be Happy.

Now hold on a sec, let it sink in.  It's way deeper than it first looks.

First of all, Happiness is not getting what you want,

it's wanting what you already have.

So on level one, you must Choose to be Happy whenever possible.  Let anger go as soon as you feel it and practice immediate forgiveness.  That’s a very important part of living your bucket list life.  Get the negative out and revel in your own happiness!

But also Choose to be Happy

Meaning, pursue the things that bring a smile to your face and make you laugh like a child.  Start making more Life Choices with Happiness as the prime decision factor.

Now go do something that makes you Happy!

-Greyson Hawe

Thanks for choosing to be Happy!  We need all the happy people in the world we can get!!!  Please share if it made you think

Do you have a Happiness ritual?  Something that you do when something really makes you made? (Mine: When a fast, reckless driver passes me.  I get real pissed and think, "My Life is not your video game, A-hole!”  Then I catch myself and say, "Good luck getting to the hospital safety”.  Even when it’s hard to mean it, it still makes me feel better.)

Tell me yours below!

greyson hawe