Start BEFORE You’re Ready! Your Bucket Life Is Waiting For YOU!


You're waiting to start, aren't you?

Waiting to start living a better, happier, healthier life?
Waiting to appreciate everyday?
Waiting for 'your turn' to be awesome?

Waiting will lead nowhere and





Start today, this very moment!

There will never be a better time, EVER!

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Let's take one small step toward our dreams today.

One small step can make all the difference.

One small step makes us stronger and gives us a little more strength to continue on.

Don't listen to that excuse in your head!

Pick one cycle to follow:

1. Progress creating more Momentum.
    Momentum creating more Progress.


2. Excuses creating more Nothing.
    Nothing creating more Excuses.

Don't listen to the negativity around you.  It's all around all of us.  I'm sick of it too.  Life is so precious and amazing that it's just STUPID to sit around and complain about petty problems.

Get those influences out of your thoughts!

"Don't Let Others Rent Space in Your Head"

- Gary Coxe

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Take a small step and get yourself a small win.  'Small wins' is a secret to accomplishing great things.  Who says so?  Harvard

Your whole life could change from a small step you take right now!

Remember 'Someday'?

You know that day that everything will align and be perfect to move forward?

That day never comes.  But that's ok.

You don't need detailed plans.  Trust yourself to move toward what is best for you.  Without a map.  Stephen King doesn't outline a story.  He creates the characters and the situations.  Then he takes the first step and lets the story unfold.

Take your first step and let YOUR story start to unfold.

You don't need to tackle your dreams completely today, this week or this year.  But moving toward them will harness your power in that direction.  Start small.  Eric Reis has done amazing research on the power of small batches.  Study after study shows that doing things in small batches is consistently better than trying to maximize efficiency in a large assembly-like manner.

Deciding to start living your Bucket List Life is like deciding to get pregnant.

There's never a 'good' time.  There's always a reason to delay.


Sometimes you just have to …

take a moment for courage,

take a deep breath,

and take the first step.


Yes... before you're ready.


-Greyson Hawe

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What small step can you take today?  Tell me below!