Move On, Walk Away: Take a Step Toward Your Bucket List Life

Sometimes relationships go toxic. Sometimes you need to let it die.

When the time comes that the pain of staying,


becomes stronger

than the fear of leaving…

Have the strength to walk away.

You deserve better.

A better job.

A better relationship.

if you dont go after your bucket list life_2.jpg

better you!


So go after what you want.  It's YOUR life, Not Anyone Else's!

You deserve soooooo 



than just being 'tolerated'.

if you dont feel it flee from it.jpg

… But sometimes we get stuck.  Afraid, confused, without a map.

go ahead and live your bucket list life_2.jpg

So we stay with the pain, with the fear.

We stay in the darkness.

We confuse Predictability

for comfort.


for loyalty.


for love.

The Perceptions of Others

for reality.

"But I could end up alone".


but that might still be better.


Every step you take toward your bucket list life does 2 things immediately:

1.  Every step will move you closer to your own light, your warmth.  Getting closer to Your True You will motivate and empower you! 

Just like getting closer to a your own campfire!

2.  Every step will move you away from your unhappiness, away from the cold.  Shaking off the dust, the chains, the doubts will lighten your load.

Dropping each shackle, will allow you to run faster, further.

I grant you the courage and strength to take your next step!

Don't wait until tomorrow!

Tomorrow is never promised to anyone!

tomorrow is never promised on your bucket list life_2.jpg

When you're away from the doubters, the negativity,

You'll find the ones who believe in YOU!

surround yourself with doers living their bucket list life_2.jpg

So 1 step today,

gets you 2 big wins.

Away from the pain.


Toward the True You.

sometimes the smallest step_2.jpg

I encourage you to take the first step right NOW!  

Move on.

Walk away.

-Greyson Hawe

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What's One Step you can take today?