Forgive Yourself

We've all made mistakes.  Big ones!  Doozies!

Give yourself a break.

For what it's worth,

I forgive you.

I also give you permission to move on with your life.

With Your Life!

you cant start the next chapter of your bucket list life

Make peace with your past!

Then you can walk unshackled toward the light.

And if you walk toward the sun.

You don't see your shadow.

walk toward the sun to live your bucket list life.png

That's why the windshield is bigger than the rear view mirror.

You're not saying what you did was right.

You're not saying it wasn't your fault.

You're just forgiving the younger,

more foolish you.

bucket list

We can't move toward our bucket life with our past dragging us down.

For your own sake ...

Let it go!

-Greyson Hawe

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Are you ready to let it go and look to the future?  Are you brave enough to tell me how you will demonstrate it below?