Want Great Service? Be a Great Customer!


We're all searching for great companies

And we're constantly disappointed!

But companies have it hard also.  It's hard to adequately respond to customers 

Who are demanding.

Who are irate.

Who could care less what the company wants.

But we can greatly improve EVERY company interaction by just being a BETTER CUSTOMER.

When you're furious and call a company to resolve your issue, REMEMBER,...

You're looking for an ally on the other end of that phone call, not an enemy.


So set the person you're speaking to up as the hero.

Ask for their name and USE it!

Ask for their advice/help.

Let them know that you NEED them!

"I really hope you can help me out"

bucket list

People naturally want to help other people.

Set them up as your Champion!

Acknowledge their power/pain/obstacles.

Bring them onto your team by acknowledging their situation.

Here are some good examples for you to try:

To Get the Best Car Repair Service

Let the mechanic know that you really appreciate their help and advice, then say, "Thanks again.  I'm counting on your expertise."  Now, they're invited to be THE HERO.  Not many people can pass that up!

To Get the Best Food Service

Ask the waiter for their favorite meal on the menu.  Not the specials of the day.  THEIR personal favorite.  When you order their favorite, you just became their favorite table!

Try this next time:

"I have a problem and I really hope you can help me out.  This is my first time using your system and I could really use your advice..."  

Now you've made the person on the other end an expert!  People love being experts!  Now when you tell them your story, instead of looking to 'fix your problem', they're try to 'help you out'

bucket list lifers!

Now go be friendly out there! 

-Greyson Hawe

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