Don't give up on yourself TOO EARLY! You don't know how Close You Are to Living your Bucket Life

The mind quits waaaaaaay before the body does.

It's designed that way.

The mind quits so the body doesn't get injured.  That's the safe way to live.

But there are times in your life that you need to push past your mental breaking point.

In those cases, listen to your heart, not your head.

Tell yourself, "I may not have the strength, but I have the Heart to keep going."

While on your path to living your bucket list, things could get hard.  But that’s okay.  You have the Heart.  Keep going.  Don't give up on yourself!

Let me tell you a quick, powerful story …

The 4 Children and the 1 Rose

A wise Father wanted to teach his 4 children a lesson on grit, 

on not giving up when things look bleak.

He sent them, one at a time, to visit an ancient rose bush high in the mountains.

The first came back with confusion and lack of interest. "Father, the bush is Barren and Ugly. A Twisted Twig and nothing more."  "Your observation is correct, my child.”

Weeks later, the second child made the journey and reported, "The bush is Green and full of Promise."  "Your observation is correct, my child.”

A month later, the third child returned.  "The bush is full of Fresh Buds and beginning to smell Wonderful."  "Your observation is correct, my child.”

The last child returned and reported, "Father, the bush is Gorgeous!  Amazing Colors and Smells!  It’s one of the most Beautiful things I've ever seen."  "Your observation is correct, my child.”

He gathered his children around him.  "My sons and daughters, throughout your life, you will have many great dreams, like many rose bushes.  They will grow through their difficult phases.  And some days they will appear worthless.  Until one day, they find their beauty.  Unless you give up on them.  How beautiful they become, is up to you.”

Don’t give up on yourself!  Keep doing the work!  Work at being Happier!  Work at getting Healthier!

Become the True You!

Use DORS to live your Bucket List!

You could start blooming Any Day NOW!

- Greyson Hawe

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