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DORS is simple

DORS is a system to accomplish a long-term goal

DORS keeps your Motivation HIGH

The number One Thing on your bucket list probably can't be done in a month


You can't Learn Spanish and have a Spanish-only Lunch with your Grandmother in a month

You can't take the Dream Trip of your Life in the next month

You can't train for a 10K in one month


That's Great.  That's awesome

A ship without a direction to sail will never get anywhere

Now your life has a direction!

The path may be unexpected, but now you know where you're going!

adrift alone_2.jpg

Now you have a long term focus to your life

Now you have something to plan your life around

Now your ship has a direction to sail



In the last few years, our Understanding of Motivation has been revolutionized ...

Flow is the Goal!

Motivation 3.0 is the New Rule of the Day!

Finding Your Element is critical!

DORS is built on these remarkable concepts and other New Profound Ideas

Finding and PROPERLY Declaring your Goal is sooooooo important



Matching up your Obstacles to your Resources.  You have more bucket list resources than you know!



Identify the Known Obstacles coming your way



What's the next ONE Step you need to take?

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