Bucket Life Inspiration: Some Short, Awesome Inspiration from poet Claude Bissell

Sometimes, I feel beaten down by the world.

And just need a blast of Inspiration.

Here is one of my favorite pick me ups ...

Risk more than others think is safe.

Care more than others think is wise.

Dream more than others think is practical.

Expect more than others think is possible.
— Claude Bissell

Let's dive into these 4 powerful ideas ...

1. Risk More than Others Think is Safe.

We've been told that it’s better to defend ourselves than help others.  

We've been told that we can eat whatever we want and still be healthy.  

We've been told that it’s better and safer to do what the world tells us to do.  

Of course, these are all lies.

A lot of money is spent to keep you passive, weak and scared.

That way, you'll do what they tell you to do.

You’ll buy what they tell you to buy.

You’ll think the way they want you to think.

You've been brainwashed into thinking you're not amazing.  Amazing people are hard to control.  Self-doubters are easily led.

So Un-Wash your brain!  HAVE FAITH in your STRENGTH!  Risk More!

More of your Time!

More of your Energy!

More of your Heart!!!

Your personal Bliss will only be found if you RISK MORE!


2. Care More than Others Think is WISE.

It’s easy to not Care.  It’s safer.  It's easy to say, "If I don't Care, ... you can’t hurt me."

Sure, It’s harder to Care.  But by Caring, you open yourself up to unbelievable happiness.

By Caring for others, you'll help yourself even more.

By Caring for yourself, you can better share your gifts with the world.

By Caring for your dreams, they'll come true.

Take a chance on yourself!  Have the courage to CARE MORE.


3. Dream More than Others Think is PRACTICAL.

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently ... They PUSH the human race forward. And while some may see them as the CRAZY ONES, we see GENIUS. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, ARE the ONES that DO!
— Steve Jobs

Dreams shouldn't be practical!  They should stretch you!

If your dreams don't scare you, then Dream Bigger.

The future belongs to those who believe in the BEAUTY of their DREAMS!
— Eleanor Roosevelt

Your Dreams should be so big that you Can't accomplish them, UNTIL you grow into the person who CAN.

The world belongs to the dreamers, for the dreamers move it forward.

Trust your inner voice and DREAM MORE!


4. Expect More than Others Think is POSSIBLE.

There are 3 steps to keep in mind:

1.  You must have a goal in mind.  In order to stay motivated on your journey to your Bucket List Life, you must have a target.  A boat with no destination will never leave the harbor.

2.  Now, see yourself enjoying your own success.  Doing what you always wanted to do.  Going where you've always wanted to go.  Vision it all the way down to the way your dream feels, tastes and smells.

3.  Now, Expect it!  Tell yourself that you're on the path and won't get off until you arrive at your Bucket List Bliss.  Know it in your heart.  Know that you'll get there.  The course is unknown and always will be, but the destination is solid.

You deserve more, so EXPECT MORE!

So there you go!  I love that quote.  I hope it helps you, too.

Take Mr. Bissell’s advice and ...

Risk More,

Care More,

Dream More

and Expect More!

-Greyson Hawe

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