The Third Purge = the Sweetest Purge of ALL!

We can only hold so many things in our life.  Just so many old clothes, so many friendships, so many memories.

Once we’re full, we’re full! 

The only way to gather new amazingness into our lives is to let go of things we think we hold dear.

Thus comes the Purge!

We've all done the First Purge.

Spring cleaning, moving, breaking up, quitting a job.

Most of us have done the Second Purge.  

Re-organizing after Spring cleaning or moving.

Cutting ties with friendships after a breakup or quitting a job.

But few have entered the realm of the Third Purge.  

This is where the magic happens.  This is where you open your life up to real change and possibilities.

Once you've re-organized your house after a Spring cleaning or after a move, re-evaluate ALL the excess in your life.  Don’t find a new storage place for old things.  Be brave enough to let them go.

Once you've let go of friendships after a breakup or quitting a job, take a good look at the remaining friends in your life.  Be brave enough to stop spending time and energy on relationships that no longer serve you.

Clearing out room in your life is important.  Dropping dead weight from your life buys you the time and energy to do the things you most want to do with the most special people in your life.


With new room in your life, possibilities are endless.

-Greyson Hawe

Thanks for purging!  Just don't purge me!  ;)

If you know someone who needs a little purging in their life, please pass this on.

What is the one thing YOU need to purge from your life?  Tell me below!