3 Magic Words to help you Live your Bucket Life

Along the road to your Bucket Life, you'll need other people's help.  You'll need to Trust them.

Everybody wants to be Trusted.  Everybody wants to be Worthy.

There is great power in the Trust you give someone.  

Offer it up early and often.

To your Friends AND to Strangers.

When asked, "Which one do you want?  How would you like to proceed?"

Just say, "I trust you.  Which one would you pick?"

You'll see the difference immediately.  Now, you've empowered them to help you, to take care of you.  Now, you're TRUSTING them. They'll feel the responsibility of your Trust.  And nobody wants to let someone down that's trusting them.

They'll want to live up to that trust.  

To not violate it.  

They'll want to be Worthy.

You've made them feel important, listened to.  

You've made them feel like their opinion matters.

You've given them a great gift and they'll reward you for it.

Find some moment today to give somebody a wonderful gift...

Tell them that you Trust them.

-Greyson Hawe

Trust me, this works.  Trust yourself to trust someone else!

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