Stop Wasting Bucket Life Moments! I Dare You to Act on your Awesomeness

Bucket List Moments

The harder I look,

The more I see,

And yet, they're still rare.

bucket list moment with someone special

These moments of great opportunity to do something awesome, something wonderful.

These moments that we'll recount in our latest of years.

These Bucket Life moments.

They can change you in wonderful ways.

Tell someone you admire how you feel.  Make it personal, make it specific.

Kiss your beautiful lover in front of a gorgeous sunset and hold it for more than a minute.

boy and girl bucket list moment

Next time you're checking out at the store, let the person with three items behind you who is looking haggard, stressed and about to pop, go ahead of you.  The look on their face will be worth a hundred bucks.  And who couldn't use a hundred bucks right now!

Missing these special opportunities is so easy!  We do it all the time.

That car on the side of the road with the blinkers on.  "Surely someone else will help and I'm in a hurry!"  Even if you're the forth person to offer help, you'll still feel the gift of gratitude from them and you'll give them a better story.  Not, "My car broke down, what a terrible day.  Instead, "My car broke down, but four people offered to help me.  I love this town."

You know that person working hard for you?  

Your kiddos teacher, a police officer directing traffic, all people who served in the military.  Don't assume that they know how you feel.  TELL THEM!  Say, "Thanks for your work."  Say, "I appreciate it very much."  

Watch what happens.  Watch how the days of two people just got way better.

dad and son bucket list moment

Stretch further!  Trust that it will be worth it and take a chance.  Believe in Yourself.  I bet you need the practice.  (secret:  we all do)

My personal journey with this lesson:

I was eating some yum Dim Sum in the middle of Houston's Chinatown and a bucket list moment happened.

Sitting alone, a Chinese family sat at the next table.  One women started talking to their rowdy 3 year old and pointing at me.

She caught my eye and said in English, "I told him, if he was not quiet, you were going to take him away."

chinese boy bucket list

Uhhhhhh, Okaaaayyy...

The rest of the meal, whenever he would start getting louder, they would say something to him in Chinese, he would look at me, his eyes would well up a bit and he would stop speaking.

I hated being the bad guy, so as I was leaving, I spoke into my phone's translation app and then approached the little boy.  He looked up at me with dread on his face. I pressed the translate button and my phone said, 'You are a very good boy' in Chinese.  I bowed deeply and slowly to him.

His face lit up and the family exploded in gratitude.  It was a powerful moment.  It was a bucket list moment!

It cost me nothing and I'll remember it forever.

Such a little thing I did, but it made me feel amazing.

dive into your bucket list

Now go out and find them!  Look for your next bucket list moment opportunity.

They're precious!  Treat them as such.

-Greyson Hawe

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Can you do a small act of kindness for someone today? Take a chance!  I promise it'll be sooooo worth it!  

If you think some of us would benefit from your story, please tell us what you did below!