SET the Moment Deeply! Don't waste your Bucket Life Moments by Forgetting Them!

Life comes at us pretty fast.  So much information, coming so fast that moments and feelings are easily washed away in all the fun and craziness.

If we don’t STOP and set the moment deep in our memory, that moment could be fleeting.

Don't let awesome moments easily fade into Vague Memories!

Try this instead!

During your next incredible sporting event, your birthday party, wedding or any other amazing event, find a moment to check in with yourself.  Acknowledge how you feel to yourself.

Tell yourself, "Remember This Feeling, Remember This Moment."

Next, when the event’s over, find a few moments to play back the best parts of the event in your mind.  Sink the memories deeply. That way, in a few years, instead of saying “Oh yeah, I remember that party.  It was pretty fun”, you can tap into the best moments and best feelings of that event.

You'll be able to truly appreciate the Best Times in your Life.

Finally, in the days that follow, find some time to relive it a few times in your mind.  That should 'set' the event deeply.  It’ll be ready to be accessed whenever you're in need of inspiration.

Gratitude is a crucial component of living your Bucket List.  And remembering the great moments in your life will vividly inspire your gratefulness.

So at your next awesome event, find some moments to check in with yourself.  Tap into the great feelings you're having ...

And SET the Moment DEEPLY!

-Greyson Hawe

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