Putting out FIRE with Gasoline! Don't try Living your Bucket Life UNTIL you read this Strategy for Creating GREAT Systems!

Obstacles along your bucket list path will always be waiting to surprise you.

You can ride the surprise BETTER if you have systems in place to help.

Trying to build a storm shelter in the middle of the storm is ...

at the very least, ... terrible timing.

Put your systems in place when you're strong and at peace.

Not weak or in a state of panic.

Putting together an action plan in the middle of the Action ...

Is like Putting out a Fire with Gasoline!  Pure Craziness!!!

My kids and I have system.

When we start get mad at each other and the conversation begins to heat up, any one of us can say, "Let's all take a deep breath".  No matter how mad we are, we all have to stop and breathe together.

We get 3 Wins right away!

1. It reminds us that we may be mad right now, but we're still on the same team.

2. It calms us all down.  It calms our hearts.

3. And it Allows us to reset the volume level of the conversation.

We put that system in place when we were calm and having fun, not yelling at each other.

Imagine, in the heat of an argument, someone tells you to stop talking and take a breath... just imagine your natural response.

Confusion and fear are always close.

When they rear their ugly head, 

Have a system in place to handle it.


Plan for your Bucket Life!  

Plan for the Expected Obstacles and put systems in place to

handle them, ...

BEFORE they happen!

-Greyson Hawe

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