Parting is such Sweet Sorrow ... and a Great Opportunity to steer toward your Bucket Life

When 2 souls/particles/ideas come together, there is a spark of energy.

There is a spark of Fusion Energy!

But also, when 2 souls/particles/ideas Separate, there is another spark of energy.

There is a spark of Fission Energy! 

Sometimes the coming together of 2 people creates massive energy and forward progress.

Sometimes the separation of two beings creates forward momentum and that momentum can be harnessed.

There's very little momentum from grief. Quite the opposite. You go into a sad, numb, non-creative hole for a while. But when the dark cloud disperses, you find that you have new space in your life.

Now it’s Your Choice...  How will you fill up that space?

Is it space to watch more TV?

NO!!!! It’s space to fill with Greatness!

Space to launch yourself!

Space to find your Bucket Life Bliss!

Don't waste your pain. Parting ways with loved ones brings pain either way.

Fusion and Fission can both create energy.  How you harness that energy is up to you.

So the next time you grieve, when the clouds disperse, find the best way to honor your loss and …

Do something great with the space that has opened in your life!

-Greyson Hawe

Thanks SO MUCH for reading!   I'm humbled and honored.  

If YOU'RE grieving now, please tell us below how you're going to use the new space in your life.