Bad words! Bad words! Your words can be Obstacles to living your Bucket Life

Your words have power.

They have the power to move you forward in your personal transformation

or hold you back.

They have a lot of control over you. But you also control THEM.

Give them the respect they deserve, but don't be ruled by them.

When you catch yourself being negative, especially to yourself, Stop!

When something bad happens to you, here is a great trick to get past it and move on with your life ...

Write down one good thing that came out of the experience.

Research from the University of Miami shows us that writing down one good thing that came out of a bad experience makes us happier, less stressed and improves our health.

Did you learn something valuable?

How did you grow?

How is your life better now?

Find something positive to hold onto.

The sun is shining every day. If you don't see it, you're not looking high enough.

When you see something beautiful, say so.

When you feel great, say so.

When you’re in awe, say so.

Words are a tool to drive yourself.

to the Positive


to the Negative.

Focus on the great things in your life.

Be grateful for all your blessings.

And put it into words.

  • Greyson Hawe

greyson hawe