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Staying Motivated

Getting onto the Horse is one thing

Staying on that Horse is another thing altogether

Everybody falters

Everybody has bad days!

When the world tries to knock you down

Stay Strong

Stay on Course!

Stay on the Path ...

To your Bucket List Life!


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When you FAIL Yourself, PUNISH yourself!!!  Positive Punishing can help you Live your Bucket Life

Sometimes we break promises to ourselves ...

We don't get to the gym as planned

We don't clean the garage

We don’t look for a new job


I say that’s Unacceptable!

I say that something must be done!

I say, ... you must be PUNISHED!

Not Dead, Can't Quit!: So Start Living your Bucket Life Today!

If you're reading this now

I know one thing for sure ...

You're NOT DEAD!

I'm quite positive about that

So don't quit!!!

Bucket Life Inspiration: Some Short, Awesome Inspiration from poet Claude Bissell

Sometimes I feel beaten down by the world

And just need a blast of inspiration

Here is one of my favorite pick me ups ...

Make a Daily DONE List! A Little Reflection will Keep you Motivated to Live your Bucket Life

It’s easy to feel like you’re getting nothing Done

Getting nothing accomplished

Feeling like the days are slipping away

Having a Crappy Day? Make it Worth it!

If things go wrong, make it worth it

Worth your time

Worth your energy

Worth your life!

Failure does NOT Mean Stop!  Successfully Living Your Bucket Life May Take A Few Attempts

Failure doesn't mean stop!  Don't quit!

Keep pushing to live your dream life, your bucket list life

Don't Coast into Death!  Start Living your Bucket Life Today

It's not too late to be great

It's not too late to be happy!

Keep exploring!  

Here are some more Ways to Stay Motivated ...

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