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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Bucket Life created?

My friend Scott Enoch and I had many items on our bucket lists that were similar.  And similarly undone.  We committed to each other that, “If you do it, I’ll do it with you”.  Magic happened and our motivation to finally complete the items on our bucket list went through the roof.  Not only were we now actively working together on our lists, but literally our lives became happier, more fulfilled.  We were now working on our dreams, not someone else’s

We decided to dedicate our lives to sharing this vision with the world and thus Bucket Life was born

How will Bucket Life evolve?

We want you to live your dreams.  We believe you deserve a happier life.  We will continue to roll out functionality designed to make this come true

We will bring the best resources of the world to your fingertips so you don’t have to scour the internet

We will build a community to support you

How can I help?

Live your Bucket List Life and tell me about it!

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