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Writing it down proves you’re serious

Especially if you sign it with a due date.  Without a starting date, you don't have a starting date

Fire with No Target = Guaranteed miss

first, identify true passion

Declare with specifics

put a time frame

find a moment to target not a level.  no learn Italian, instead speak it with my grandmother over breakfast

kickass life. episode 102  live life your dying -song tim mcgraw

KAL. episode 48. talks about importance of a bucket list and suggests not asking IF i can afford it, but how

A journey with no goal 

   will always end successfully

Don't be the best tour guide within 100 yards of the hotel

The power of writing down a goal is powerful.  It's a commitment to yourself, to what you want to be, how you want to be remembered.  So we not only want to declare an addition to our bucket list, but we want to flesh it out as much as possible.  Since you only get one, we want to go deep on choosing the right one.  This is not, 'Paint the Garage' after all.  This is 'Go to Burning Man' we're talking about.  Big dreams, big wishes.  We want to make sure they have the best chance of success so we'll go over a number of tools to help you get the most out of your commitment.

Declare your goal, your dream, the number one thing on your bucket list!

Scribble it, shout it, pledge it!  Power lies within words.  Give voice to your wishes, strength to your dreams!

Bucket Board

To start with, grab a full-sized piece of paper.  Anything will work as long as it is much bigger than a sticky note.  We're not writing a list.  A list of one item is pretty pointless.  This paper is where we will create our goal.  We will write, glue, and staple anything on it to help us on our journey.  We call this a 'bucket list journey board' or simply, a Bucket Board.

Now, I refer to all bucket list items as 'journeys'.  Embracing and advancing on the thing you most want to do in life is always a journey, even when it doesn't involve travel.  It also helps to keep in mind that the journey is the most important part of what we're doing here.  By only focusing on the destination, we miss out on so much.

Keep your Bucket Board handy as we explore the following ideas. Scribble anything on it that comes to mind that you might want to capture. This will be a living, breathing document that you will have throughout your journey.  Digital versions work, but I personally believe in the power of scribbling.  And when you complete your bucket list journey, it makes a great framed picture (or Facebook post).

But before we power into this life goal of ours, let's make sure it's worthy. Glossing over this step leads many journeys astray or worse, to a dead stop.

Prolific writer Celestine Chua of the Personal Excellence Blog, uses her goal achievement system ESPER to help people live more fruitful lives.  'E' is for Establishing the correct goal.  She explores in great detail the setting of a proper goal [ ],

"Unfortunately, instead of investing quality time on this step, many people run into the mistake of being hasty. They skip past proper goal setting and jump straight into the planning and execution. At the end of the day, they end up causing a lot of backtracking and rework because they did not set the goal properly in the first place. Some of them actually achieve their goal, then find out that they did not want the goal in the first place."

     - Celestine Chua

So let's look at ways to set a powerful, motivating goal.

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