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Today I did something I NEVER do

Bucket Life

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Today I did something I NEVER do


thankful bucket list life

Instead of letting a special moment pass by

I walked a few extra steps to thank a man who had helped me a month earlier

I've let so many such moments escape and today decided on a new path

30 days ago, I was hooking up my fridge at my new house

I realized I needed all sorts of tubes to hook up the water.  A trip to the hardware store was in the need!  And that's when I met Wes

Wes was older than most.  Probably retired.  And still loved helping people.  I asked him where the fridge hoses were and expected him to point the way

15 minutes later!!!

I was checking out.  Wes was amazing.  He educated me

Encouraged me!

And took the time to demonstrate exactly what I would need to do

So today when I saw him at Lowes, I smiled to myself, remembered fondly how he had helped me

And then,... I turned

And walked away

My usual pattern

But then I turned back around and walked a few extra steps!

I thanked Wes for his kindness.  I let him know what his kindness meant to me

Wes started to speak.  Well,... he tried to speak

But he suddenly lost the ability.  He just smiled,... as his eyes started to well up

Wes was so genuinely moved by the small gesture that I started to choke up myself


Just perhaps,

I should do more of this!!!

Why did I go back and thank him in the first place?  

Well, I went back to thank him partly because I'm trying to practice gratitude every day

Partly because I wanted to try a new path

But mainly I went back

Because Wes deserved it


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Try it today!  Take a few extra steps to thank someone.  Please let me know how it goes below!

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