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Take your Shot!: Each Shot will Get you Closer to your Bucket List Life

Bucket Life

Turn your bucket list into a Bucket Life!

Take your Shot!: Each Shot will Get you Closer to your Bucket List Life


youll miss a 100 percent the shots you never take - bucket list

Life is more than just rehearsal

Life is more than just practice

Sometimes you have to take your shot!

take your shot bucket list


This life is your only chance to live your dreams
This is your one chance to be true to yourself
This is your one chance to be awesomely happy

Take your shot!

take a your shot b bucket list soccer

In every soccer field in the world, you'll hear coaches screaming, 

"Take your shot!"

My personal journey with this lesson:

While at the University of Texas, I was elected to run the STEP Conference for our international student group called AIESEC.  STEP (Strategic Training on the European Program) Basically the creation of the EU.

If I was going to take this conference world-wide, I needed backers, big time backers.  So I snuck into a speech for Grad students only (which I wasn't) where Jim Hayes the publisher at Fortune Magazine was speaking.

After he finished, I ran up to him (literally) before the Grad students got to him. I told him about STEP in 30 seconds and got his business card. He mentioned that I could give him a call, that he would be 'interested to hear more'. I called his office and finagled a meeting with him in his high rise office win New York.  Rockafeller Center, Baby!

My suit was so small that I had to turn sideways to shake his hand so my sleeve wouldn't rise up to my elbow!  He listened to my 15 minute pitch and he ended up giving us a full page ad in his magazine!  We sold space on that page to our next 5 biggest contributors. This single page that was the key to our fundraising efforts.  And it never would have happened if I didn't take my shot!!!

Remember, as the great Wayne Gretky said,

"You miss 100% of the shots you never take"

take you shot bucket list life hockey

Take your shot Today!


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Was there a time when you had the courage to take a shot?  Tell us about it below!

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