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Ride the Chinese Surprise!: My Bucket List Life Adventure in Chinatown

Bucket Life

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Ride the Chinese Surprise!: My Bucket List Life Adventure in Chinatown


Deep in the heart of Houston is another city

Mysterious, extraordinary, intimidating... Chinatown

chinatown bucket list destination

I finally met a friend who knew a great Acupuncturist in Chinatown

She introduced me to Doctor George (I kid you not) who didn't speak a lick of English. My friend translated that my jaw is jacked up and giving me an eye twitch

Dr George listened, examined and concluded that the issue was stemming from the top two bones in my neck. So, my friend translated, "He is going to put needles in your neck, is that okay?"


My panic meter exploded!

Needles in my neck! Next to my brain!!!

My inner voice started screaming, "I don't really know ANY of these people!
I'm just one more stupid white guy lost in China Town.
Seriously, what am I doing here?!  It's not even a hospital!  It's an apartment where the street names are in Chinese!"

bucket list life travel china

but then, I took a deep breath, looked at their faces, saw the genuine goodness in them...

and said,"Of course"

Ride the Surprise, Baby!

greyson acupuncture china town bucket list life greyson cupping bucket list life china townRide the Surprise - bucket list life

Holy crap, such a good move!

This guy's a genius. He poked me with the needles, used those glass bowls from Karate Kid to give me hickies all down my back, massaged my neck so hard I was squirming (which didn't impress him, he just pressed harder!) and finally he gave me a fantastic Chiropractor-like adjustment

One of the best decisions (leaps of faith), I've ever made!

I'm going back for a series of treatments


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