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Bucket Life

Turn your bucket list into a Bucket Life!

I wronged my kids yesterday


After a crazy, event-filled night camping in New Braunfels, my kids Dalton, Katelyn and I awoke to a wonderful Father's Day morning, ate breakfast and began to break camp Stressing team work (Hawe Tribe!) as I broke down the tent, I asked them to hike the equipment to the car. Expecting them to pile up everything at the car Finished with the tent, I had my first look their work. They had packed everything into the car And instead of appreciating the amazing effort and self-directed action, I took that moment to point out that the bulkiest item had not been packed yet

and now we had to unpack the car and start over

I'm such a dumbass sometimes But I'm trying Surely focusing on the Effort over Results is so crucial at this time in their lives.  In fact, maybe during their whole lives Isn't effort the key to just about everything?  Put in great effort and move the world forward.  Put in crappy effort and nobody is impressed And effort is the one thing we have the most control over.  Knowledge, money, experience are either present, or they're not.  Effort is variable.  And completely up to you I've apologized to my kiddos, but I think I still owe them -g   Where can you commit more effort?  I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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