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Bucket Life

Turn your bucket list into a Bucket Life!

Add a New Year-Long Resolution to your Bucket List


Perhaps this is the year you make big strides toward a better life (by taking little steps!) Perhaps this is the year that you start living as Your True Self

Perhaps this is the year you make a Wonderful change in your life!

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Start BEFORE you're Ready!: Your Bucket List Life is Waiting for YOU!


You're waiting to start, aren't you? Waiting to start living a better, happier, healthier life? Waiting to appreciate everyday? Waiting for 'your turn' to be awesome?

Waiting will lead nowhere and you'll waste your life

Start today, this very moment!

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Please, Take my Seat


Sometimes you have to give up your place in line to go forward
Sometimes stepping back allows you to go further, faster
Privilege is the first stepping stone to disdain
The first stepping stone to condemnation
To passing judgement
Having more makes us believe that we Deserve to have more
That we are somehow Better than others. And when we Deserve to be Better, we naturally look down on those without
We all have places in our lives where we feel privileged. But we don't have to fall into that trap. We can be grateful for every little bit of help we get
And be prepared to share that privilege with others
Giving up your seat to someone who needs it more than you
will fill your soul
Giving up your place in line to someone in a hurry
will make you glow inside
Giving up your advantage
will make you feel like you earned your rewards
Earned, not Deserved
My personal journey along this path:
Many of you know my fascination/obsession with Shakespeare. (Acted as Richard III, Jaques, Anthony, Demetrius, Lysander, and so many others. Directed Midsummer Night's Dream. And I celebrate April 23rd every year)
You can blame two incredible influences for that insanity.  The late, great Doctor James Ayres (Shakespeare at Winedale)
And this limey bastard...
Colin Cox
He taught me to love the word bastard.  He was my mentor, my guide and teacher.  As the Artistic Director of the Will and Company, he taught me most of what I know today about the Will.  His plays, his life, his influences
We traveled the burrows of LA performing Shakespeare for schools, from kindergartens to colleges.  One hour, in and out.  Set up the stage, determine entrances ("Ok, Art will enter thru the cafeteria door, Greyson hide behind these flags until your cue,  Ready, break!"), 45 min version of Hamlet, a little Q and A, and we were gone.  Modern day gypsies trading for cheers and smiles
Colin brought me into South Central 3 days after the LA Rodney King riots.  We performed the Three Musketeers (Aramis, if you must know) for black, 8 year old kiddos who were wondering if white people were evil.  Unsettling, uncomfortable, unnerving.  And one of the best experiences of my life
The kids loved it.  They cheered us, we hugged them.  Maybe, just maybe, my small part may have had an effect on the world that day
Without Colin as my leader, I don't think I would've had the guts to even make the attempt
So I raise my glass to a man who has performed 1000's of shows for decades across LA and the nation
Focusing on celebrating minorities, the disadvantaged, the non-white non-male populace
Much respect to my favorite Limey bastard,... Colin Cox
Sometimes giving up your place in line is the most wonderfully selfish thing you can do
If you ever get a chance, you must see any and all performances of his troupe, Will and Company.  Trust me, you'll love it.  You can thank my later
My old friend JC Shakespeare has some inspiring thoughts on the matter
What are you willing to give up to lighten someone else's load?  Please tell me below!

Dream Bigger


What would you dream, if you had no constraints?No fear of the opinions of others No chains to hold your dreams down

Challenge yourself to dream big!

If you're going to invest your life in your dream, first make sure it's awesome and worthy

No dream is too big, no dreamer too small

If people have a low expectations of you, why would you want to prove them right?

Try this one on for size…

I'll never let my dreams fall below the sky, Eagle was I born and Eagle will I die

Stop taking the easy win.  It's easy because,... It's not worth much

Dream like you'll live forever and live like you'll die tomorrow - James Dean

Challenge Yourself!

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why - Mark Twain

Which one would you remember more?

Winning an easy race or losing a close one Which one would teach you more?

Which one gets you more excited, which one pumps your blood? Competing against someone you easily crush Or facing an opponent possibly as good as you

with equal resources equal passion equal intent to win

Now that'll be a victory worth celebrating!

Challenge yourself.  You're stronger than you know.  You're worthy of celebration

My Personal journey along this path: I grew up in the small town of Missoula, Montana.  By far the biggest city in Montana, but 35,000 people don't even make up a large district in the major cities

But what we did have      Was snow.  Lots of it

I learned to ski in my back yard (benefits of growing up on the side of a mountain).  My skis were 12 inches of wood that looked like a sled.  They attached to my sneakers by springs wrapped around my ankle

I was 5 years old

At 10, I started to ski one and only one way.  I'd exit the chair lift, drop into a tuck and not stand back up until I was at the bottom of the slope

Tucked into a ball, wind screaming past me, silly grin on my face, and the Ski Patrol chasing me down from behind.  I skied so fast, I couldn't hear their screams of "Slow down!".  And that's what I told them, each time they caught up to me at the bottom of the mountain.   Luckily for me, mountains are big      And I rarely saw the same Ski Patrol officer twice

The Mountain lives by a phrase that directs me still today

"If you're not falling, you're not going fast enough"

So dream big, fail big and dream big again

Don't ask, "Am I worthy of my dreams"

Ask instead, "Are my dreams worthy of ME?"

If not, Dream Bigger!

Remember, if you're not falling,

You're not going fast enough


Here are some wonderful resources to inspire and motivate you to live your bucket list…

Do you have a favorite quote that helps you dream big?  Please share it below!

Why I Celebrate my ex-Wife...


As some of you know, I'm separating from my wife of 12 years  

It would be so easy to fill these days with meanness, a trap I've seen too many couples fall into

There are two main reasons I don't:

1.  We were friends for years before we were married and her friendship is worth fighting for

2.  We have kids


Criticizing her is criticizing my decision to marry her

I don't regret marrying her.  Not a bit.  One of the best decisions I've ever made

We've just grown too far apart to pull back together

Still she knows, and my kids know, if they need anything ever and I can help, it's done.  No question


Celebrating her is celebrating my decision to marry her when I did.  It was a great decision.  I would do it all over again

I made two great decisions in my life.  One to propose to her.  And I think I (we) made a great decision to go our separate ways


Still, I need to always keep in mind that her happiness on her new path directly affects my children.  So I must actively look for ways to celebrate her

Is it hard?  Some days are harder than others.  Some days I really want to hate her, I want to cuss her name, I want her to hurt for not loving me anymore

But I don't.  Because I don't

I don't hate her

I don't let anyone else cuss her name, so I don't let myself

I don't want anyone to hurt her


There was a time when we were so right for each other, many years of rightness.  But we're not right for each other anymore.  And that's ok.  Painful, sucky, but ok.  How we separate is now up to us


As much as I want to yell and scream and feel hurt, the most important thing is how my kids are raised. Period.

50% of their time is spent with their mom.  That time needs to be happy, and supportive, and positive

If she's strong and amazing as an influence in my kids' lives, then I win

Me throwing hate at her or on our past only hurts my kids.  And it's only the past I would be fighting.  My time with her is over.  We have different paths to explore in the future.  All I have with her is the present, the now, the today

So, for my kids, myself and my old friend, I make a choice everyday to actively support and celebrate her happiness


If you're waiting for permission, here it is...


I give you permission to dream

to dream big

to live your dreams

  I give you permission to be great

"Don't wait for someone to pick you.  Pick Yourself" - Seth Godin

I give you permission to be happy

"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be" - Abe Lincoln

I give you permission to move on

to start over

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending” - Maria Robinson

I give you permission to be awesome

to trust in your awesomeness

"You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life" - Steve Jobs

I give you permission to forgive

Not condone.  Not accept.

Just moving on.

"Holding onto hate is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die" - David Wood

I give you permission to love more

to love again

to really love for the first time

  I give you permission to write your own life legacy

to start living a life true to yourself

"It is never too late to be who you might have been" - George Eliot '"Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life ... have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become" - Steve Jobs

I give you permission to live your best life I give you permission to live your bucket life -g   Did I miss any?  What Permission are you still waiting for?  (write it below in the comments)

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