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Bucket List Life Blog

Turn your bucket list into a Bucket Life!

Moth to a Flame: Live your Bucket Life and THEY will find YOU!

greyson hawe

Moths in the night don't find each other because of some light producing ability.  They find each other by following the same glowing light.  They're on the same path and when they ...

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When you FAIL Yourself, PUNISH yourself!!! Positive Punishing can help you Live your Bucket Life

greyson hawe

Sometimes we break promises to ourselves ...

We don't get to the gym as planned

We don't clean the garage

We don’t look for a new job


I say that’s Unacceptable!

I say that something must be done!

I say, ... you must be PUNISHED!

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The FIRST Shot of Sugar is the WORST for you! Your Health Bucket List doesn't have Sugar as an ingredient

greyson hawe

The first hole in the balloon is the one that will kill it
The first leak in the boat is the one that will take it down

Further damage may follow, but the first blow is usually the most important to avoid

Living your Health Bucket List is very much the same. Repeated every day

You're strongest in the morning, but watch out, the world is waiting to weaken you

Waiting to poke a hole in your balloon

Waiting to poke a hole in your boat

But you have a secret friend waiting to help you. A muscle called Resistance

Now stay with me!

Muscles grow after they've been stressed.  The more stress, the stronger the muscle will become

Just like will power, Resistance is a muscle

And you can strengthen your Resistance muscle!

Exercise it!!!

Practice refusing garbage into your body

(Practice refusing garbage into your life!)

Each time you refuse, you're building more muscle for tomorrow

More strength to say NO

More strength to eat what your body needs,

Not what your mouth wants!

More Strength to become your True You!


Thanks for reading!!!

If you have an inspiring story about the power of Refusal, please tell me about it below!



Setting a Great Goal can take some sweet time

greyson hawe

Doing a load of laundry is pretty straight forward...

Gather the clothes.

Sort them.

Place them in the washer.

Wash them.

Dry them.

Hang them up.

But here's a secret, ... Even though it only takes about 30 minutes of actual work to do a load of laundry,

You can't do it in 30 minutes.

The steps take time.  The same is true when Living your Bucket Life. You can only rush the steps so much.

Even if the One Thing on my bucket list is 'Travel to Asia', I still have many small steps to complete.

Where should my travels begin, When, and with Whom?  

What's my travel route?  

What are the Must Sees, the Bucket List Destinations along the way?

Where should I stay?

Do I have any friends I can see along the way?  

How should I prepare my body?

Always include a goal from your Health Bucket List.

What can I learn to make this journey all the sweeter?

Always learn something new for each One Thing you accomplish.

Those are a lot of questions to answer!  And they'll take Some Time to answer.

If pressed, you could answer all these questions in a half an hour.

BUT why would you Want to?!  

Enjoy this part of your adventure!  Planning your journey can be one of the best parts of the whole experience!

And since the Steps take time between them, you need to start the process Now!  

Here's the Best Part! It may take years until your number one dream comes true, so you don't have to make all of the commitments Today. You just have to Start the First One! Just get the ball rolling. Right now!

Stop reading this!

Take One Step to make your Number 1 Dream come true!


-Greyson Hawe

I hope that little bit of Inspiration worked for you!  Thanks for reading.  Please click Like below.  Or Share it!  I sure would appreciate it.

ALERT: Your Tongue has been Hijacked! Embrace your Health Bucket List and reclaim Yourself TODAY!

greyson hawe

Billions of dollars every year are spent to convince you that you can eat tasty, cheap food and remain healthy. So you eat salty, sweet crap loaded with nasty chemicals all the time and wonder why you've gained so much weight and feel bad most days

You blame your weight on your age, "Its just harder to lose weight as you get older"

And you ask your doctor for more pills to make the pain go away

When you think of snacking on a carrot, you think ,"Ugg"
BUT once your tongue gets a break from the constant sugar and salt bombardment, you'll be able to start TASTING again!

When a vegetarian thinks about snacking on a delicious, fresh, sweet carrot, they think, ‘Mmmmmm!'

Don't be a sucker.  Don't believe the lies that the TV is feeding you.  Don't eat garbage just because it's cheap and tastes good.  Don't be a FOOL.  Advertisers are not employed to tell you the truth or make you healthier. They're paid to tell you whatever will make you buy More!  PERIOD!!!

Fact is, … You can't eat crap and live a Healthy Bucket Life

Choose Yourself!  Trust what you know to be true.  Eat fresh food that you've prepared yourself and Your Health will Sky Rocket!  

When you're overweight, feeling lousy most of time, with high blood pressure and Diabetes waiting for you around the corner, don't look to your doctor to give you another pill.  Don't be that stupid

Exercise is great, but what you eat determines your fate Waaaaay More Than Anything Else.  Don't eat chemicals that you can't pronounce.  They’re not included to help you.  Most of those chemicals shouldn't be ingested by ANY human, certainly not someone as Special As You.  You’re better and smarter than that.  They weren't created to help you, they were created to keep awful food on the shelf as long as possible

Solve your own problems.  FIX your own health!

Reclaim the taste buds in your tongue and you'll Reclaim Your Health!


Trust in yourself!  If you have a story where you fought off the advertisers and choose yourself instead, please tell me below!

Leave a SMALLER footprint in order to leave a BIGGER impression

greyson hawe


I'm going to tell you something nobody else will...

In order to live your bucket list, you need to simplify your life.

I know it's not sexy to say eliminate the excess from your life, but believe me, ...

when you own too many possessions, 

your possessions end up owning you.


By eliminating excess from your life, you're lighting your load.  And you'll go farther faster.


Eliminate the Hatred in your Life.

Accept that nothing will change if YOU don't take the first step.  Forgive them and move on.  Not to help them, but to help you. Your pain is only hurting yourself.  Holding onto hatred is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die.


Eliminate the Senseless Competition in your Life.

Let your neighbor have the bigger house, the nicer car, the fancier jewelry.  Let them inherit the problems that usually arise.

Believe me, you won't be thinking of your smaller paid-off house while you travel Europe.


Eliminate the Anger, the Guilt, the Pettiness from your Life.

They longer serve you.

Nobody travels far who travels heavy.

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