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Bucket List Life Blog

Turn your bucket list into a Bucket Life!

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Moth to a Flame: Live your Bucket Life and THEY will find YOU!

greyson hawe

Moths in the night don't find each other because of some light producing ability.  They find each other by following the same glowing light.  They're on the same path and when they ...

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Burn your Boats!

greyson hawe

Stop being afraid to stand for something.

To stand out.

To stand as Yourself.

You can't reach for your future with one hand reaching back to your comfort zone.

Take a chance on yourself …

Burn your Boats!

The famous explorer Hernando Cortez landed on the shores of Vera Cruz, Mexico in 1519 and wanted his army to conquer the land for Spain. He faced an uphill battle: a fierce enemy, disease and scarce resources. Cortez knew his men wanted to quit and sail back to Spain.  He knew that his men would not fight well with such an attitude.  So he did something to properly motivate them.  He wanted them to know that there was only one possible course.  Success or death.  As they marched inland to do battle, Cortez ordered one of his lieutenant’s back to the beach with a single instruction: "Burn our Boats."

Make a commitment you can't back out of.

Want to lose weight?  

Tell all your friends what you're planning.  Declare it publicly!

Want to take a dream trip in a year?  

Put in your vacation request Today!

Want to learn a language?  

Find a partner to learn with you and commit to seeing each other every week.

Commit to something challenging for you. Easy commitments are a good way to build momentum, but remember no one ever lived their Bucket Life by making easy commitments. That’s the opposite of Living your Bucket Life. That’s living a life of mediocrity.  And on your deathbed, you'll regret every wasted day.

So commit to something great today ...

And Burn Your Boats!

- Greyson Hawe

Thanks for soaking in this one!  If you know someone it could help, please Share!

What BIG commitment are you willing to make RIGHT NOW!  Tell me below!

C.H.A.T. - How to Set a GREAT Bucket List Life Goal: Just CHAT it up!

greyson hawe

I'm commonly asked, "What's on YOUR bucket list?"

That's an easy answer!  Because I only have One Thing.

I want to Spin Fire at this year’s Burning Man festival with my Friends while sporting a Six-Pack!

That's a goal with a lot of built-in Motivation!

Let's break it down:

It has a BIG Challenge attached.

Spinning Fire.  It’s never easy.  It freaks me out each time.  But Spinning Fire puts me into my personal Bucket Bliss.  By combining the brilliant ideas behind Flow and Element, we see that having a High Challenge at something we Love To Do while feeling comfortable in our Skills and Resources, Puts us into a State of BLISS.  Our most desired state.

It has a Health goal.

Six Pack.  I've never had one.  I'm Intimidated As Hell that I've committed to this goal.  But it IS DRIVING me and Keeping me Focused like a crazy person!

When designing your life, always add something from your Health bucket list.

It has Accountability.

I've included my friends to keep me focused and Accountable.  Knowing that others are watching will motivate you to stay the course.  Especially when times get tough.

It has a Time limit.

This years Burning Man Festival.

Setting a time limit is probably the Single Most Important part of setting your goal.

Here are the basics to properly setting a Motivating goal on your Bucket List:

To help you remember them, think C.H.A.T.  Challenge, Health, Accountability, Timed.

Challenge (Flow)

Tapping into the science behind Flow, Element and Bliss will help your progress immensely.

So instead of ‘Work out more’, how about ‘Run a 10K’?  

Much more Challenging!


Always Bring your health into the picture.  Let it inspire you.  If your One Thing is to travel overseas, then Get Healthier in order to travel better.

So instead of Travel to China, how about 'Walk 5 miles on the Great Wall of China'?  

That will inspire you to get into better shape.


Announce your plans to others.  Post it!  Join with your friends if at all possible.  If not, reach out to MeetUp groups on the same journey as you.  But either way, let others know your plans and your success rate will sky rocket!

So instead of ‘Go to the gym more’, how about ‘Go to Body Pump class at my gym every Wednesday night and say hello to everyone I recognize’?  

That will keep you Accountable, especially every time you say, ‘See you next week!'


By setting your own deadline, you are committing to yourself.  Now, it's on your calendar.  Now, it must be addressed!  Always, Always, Always set a date.  Give yourself permission to move that date if needed, but ALWAYS Set a Date!

So instead of ‘Learn Spanish’, how about 'Speak Spanish to my Grandmother all day on her next birthday’?

Have your One Thing clear in your mind.  Then, use the CHAT Method to make it as motivational as possible.

Now you can focus on it until you finish it!

Then Celebrate your accomplishment!  Soak in the gratitude you have for all the ups and downs along the journey.  And then, … get ready for a whole new adventure.  Pick yourself a great one!

But make sure you CHAT it up first!

-Greyson Hawe

Hey y'all, thanks for reading!  Please press ‘Like’ below if you got something out of it and Share if you Dare!

Tell me your current One Thing below.  And make sure you CHAT it up!

Empower Yourself! Living your Bucket Life means taking 100% responsibility for Everything IN and OUT of your life

greyson hawe

Let's get real today

Let's talk about a powerful idea

An idea that changes lives

Here it is ...

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Add a New Year-Long Resolution to your Bucket List


Perhaps this is the year you make big strides toward a better life (by taking little steps!)

Perhaps this is the year that you start living as Your True Self

Perhaps this is the year you make a Wonderful change in your life!

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