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Empower Yourself! Living your Bucket Life means taking 100% responsibility for Everything IN and OUT of your life

greyson hawe

Let's get real today

Let's talk about a powerful idea

An idea that changes lives

Here it is ...

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SET the Moment Deeply! Don't waste your Bucket Life Moments by Forgetting Them!

greyson hawe

Life comes at us pretty fast.  So much information, coming so fast that moments and feelings are easily washed away in all the fun and craziness.

If we don’t STOP and set the moment deep in our memory, that moment could be fleeting.

Don't let awesome moments easily fade into Vague Memories!

Try this instead!

During your next incredible sporting event, your birthday party, wedding or any other amazing event, find a moment to check in with yourself.  Acknowledge how you feel to yourself.

Tell yourself, "Remember This Feeling, Remember This Moment."

Next, when the event’s over, find a few moments to play back the best parts of the event in your mind.  Sink the memories deeply. That way, in a few years, instead of saying “Oh yeah, I remember that party.  It was pretty fun”, you can tap into the best moments and best feelings of that event.

You'll be able to truly appreciate the Best Times in your Life.

Finally, in the days that follow, find some time to relive it a few times in your mind.  That should 'set' the event deeply.  It’ll be ready to be accessed whenever you're in need of inspiration.

Gratitude is a crucial component of living your Bucket List.  And remembering the great moments in your life will vividly inspire your gratefulness.

So at your next awesome event, find some moments to check in with yourself.  Tap into the great feelings you're having ...

And SET the Moment DEEPLY!

-Greyson Hawe

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Trust in the Process! Use SYSTEMS to Accomplish Living your Bucket Life

greyson hawe

Trust in the process.

Trust in your system.

I don’t have a diet…

I have system, a process.

I eat the same healthy way 6 days a week.  Instead of struggling to find a healthy lunch everyday, cook a big soup/stew on Sundays, or grill enough meat to last the week.  So when a special occasion comes up, I enjoy the celebration and eat the birthday cake, drink the beer or enjoy the PIZZA party!  I can do this without guilt, because I know the next day I'm back on my system of healthy eating.

I don’t work out…

I have a system, a process.

Everyday I take some selfish time for myself.  Sometimes lifting weights, sometimes yoga, sometimes running around with my kids, but I try to MOVE everyday.  Some days I don't, but I don't worry about it or feel guilty.  I know my system will kick back into place the next day.

And when I stumble,

when I FAIL (which I do all the time) ...

I rely on my system.

And my system says failure is not bad, NOT TRYING IS BAD.  Failure is just learning and getting better.


Here are some POWERFUL thoughts from the amazing author, Tim Ferriss...

"Defining routines and systems is more effective than relying on self-discipline. I think self-discipline is overrated.

Allowing yourself the option to do what you have not decided to do is disempowering and asking for failure. I encourage people to develop routines so that their decision-making is only applied to the most creative aspects of their work, or wherever their unique talent happens to lie.

Great systems work because they make things automatic, and don't tax your very limited supply of willpower.

What do we see when we systematically study the great geniuses of all time? Almost all had personal routines that worked for them."



Once your systems are in place.  Rely on them, Lean On Them.

Let your Systems do the heavy lifting!

-Greyson Hawe

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Seek PEACE with your Body! You can't Live your Bucket Life at the EXPENSE of your Health

greyson hawe

Right now there’s a war going on between YOU

and your body.

You eat crap expecting your body to suffer for it and to Quite Literally carry the weight.

To fight back, your body gives out at the weirdest, most unfortunate times ...

A sneeze can knock your back out for weeks.

A slight twist from a small pebble in the road and your knee is hating you for a month.

Stretching out to grab something falling to the floor and it re-aggravates your recurring injury.

How do I know?  I've been there … and it sucks.

Seek peace with your body!

You know what it wants.

It wants water.

It wants LESS chemicals.

It wants to be refreshed, not jacked up on fake energy.

By more movement and less sitting.

By more stretching and less sitting.

By more standing and less sitting.


So put down the crappy food, drink some water and stand up for your body.

Seek peace with your body and start loving each other again!

-Greyson Hawe

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R & R ... & R: 5 Yummy ways to Rest, Relax and RESTORE yourself to live your best Bucket Life!

greyson hawe

We look to vacations for a little R & R.  A little of that good old Rest and Relaxation.  But we forget the third R, Restore

We need to Restore Our Energy

Restore Our Focus

Restore Our Commitment

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