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Yets Kill Can'ts!  Stop Killing the Motivation you need to Live your Bucket List

Bucket List Life Blog

Turn your bucket list into a Bucket Life!

Yets Kill Can'ts! Stop Killing the Motivation you need to Live your Bucket List


Can't is a Killer

Can't is stopping you from living a happier, better life




So the story's over, right?  

You Can't lose weight and keep it off

You Can't travel to that place you've dreamed of

You Can't learn that thing that fascinates you

ive lost my motivation.jpeg

And sometimes you have a good excuse losing your motivation, sometimes you truly Can't

You might need to catch your breath

You might be in survival mode

You might be in poor health

Usually, it's just that you Can't,... RIGHT NOW


So don't re-enforce that false Can't 

Don't give false power to that false Can't

Stop giving credit to Can't that it doesn't deserve

Because when you want to try again,

You'll hear in your head that you Can't

You'll remind yourself repeatedly that you Can't

Neutralize that Can't

    By adding a big Yet


"I Can't lose weight and keep it off!"

I Can't... Yet!

im not there yet.jpeg

"I Can't run a marathon!"

I Can't run one, Yet!

"I Can't travel to that amazing place!"

I Can't go there, Yet!

Soooooo much more empowering, right?

Don't cut yourself off from living your bucket list life.  Leave doors open for you to jump through the next time your motivation empowers you to take your shot

And next time you feel a Can't creeping up on you

Smack it down with a Yet!


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What Can't is killing your motivation?  Tell me about it below! 

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